Orange County Creek Week

Creek Week Long

Orange County's Annual Creek Week is March 16-23, 2024.

Orange County Creek Week celebrates the streams, lakes, and rivers that connect our human and non-human communities. It's a weeklong series of activities like a litter cleanup challenge, DIY Stormwater Runoff 5K, community science BioThon, invasive plant removal, green infrastructure tours, and more! Contact Heather Holley at 919-918-7426 or if you want for more information or if you have an event you would like to include.

Visit the Orange County Creek Week website for more details on activities and resources from all the participating partners.

All the Orange County Creek Week activities are open to everyone. The Carrboro Stormwater Division Staff is hosting the following activities:

Weeklong Activities

Social Media

Follow Carrboro Stormwater on Instagram (@townofcarrborostormwater) to see postings from Heather Holley as she is out and about all week exploring Carrboro Waterways and sharing all things creek! Follow the Orange County Creek Week tag (#occreekweek) and tag us!

Orange Co NC Creek Week BioThon

Discover how water connects us by documenting plant and animal species in you community as part of a county wide citizen science project. During Creek Week observations logged into iNaturalist will become part of the Creek Week BioThon.  iNaturalist is an online social network of people sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature. Data collected will help researchers, conservation organizations, or other people interested in this data.

Orange Count Creek Cache

Join Carrboro in celebrating Orange County Creek Week with geocaching! Caches will be hidden on public properties highlighting nearby creeks and other stormwater explorations. Find them all and you will be entered into a drawing for a Watershed Explorers Kit. A children's and adult's kit will be given away.

Visit  for more information or email Heather Holley at 919-918-7426  or 

Waterway Roving with the Stormwater Specialist

Stormwater Specialist Heather Holley will be roving around Carrboro during Creek Week to highlight the unique and wonderful waterways of our Town. Follow us on Instagram for posts.  Got a burning question about watersheds or stormwater? Message, DM, post, email, or stop by in person to ask your questions! Join me to pick up trash, participate in the Bio-Thon, and explore our creeks. Look for Heather in a Safety Vest with a Purple Bucket!  Contact Heather Holley at 919-918-7426  or for  more information. 

Send your questions via:

Roving Locations:

  • Mon, March 18th: Noon-2pm @ Baldwin Park
  • Tue, March 19th: Noon-2pm @ Anderson Park
  • Wed, March 20th: 2-4pm @ Francess Shetly Pathway (Stop and visit with me on your way home from school!)
  • Thu, March 21st: Noon-2pm @ Wilson Park/Addams Tract
  • Fri, March 22nd: Noon-2pm @ Dr. MLK Jr Park

March 16th Morgan Creek 

Haw River Assembly Trash Trout Volunteers

Volunteer with the Haw River Assembly to help empty the Carrboro Trash Trout on Morgan Creek as part of the 34th Annual Haw River Clean-Up-A-Thon. The Carrboro Trash Trout is located Morgan Creek near Carrboro Public Works. For more information and to sign up visit  Haw River Assembly at

March 16th  Roberson Place Pathway Carrboro, NC

4rd Annual Joint Creek Clean-up Event 

Join staff from Chapel Hill Stormwater Division and Carrboro Stormwater Division in celebrating our local waterways by helping clean up a major tributary of Morgan Creek.  For more information and to sign up to participate contact Morgan Flynt at

March 17th 1:00-3:00pm

Buffer Ball Activity

Join Town staff for this fun,  free, family friendly hands on activity at Martin Luther King Jr Park on March 17th. Come learn about wetlands and vegetative water quality buffers while making seed balls with wetland buffer seed mixes. We will be launching the Buffer Balls into the  wetland buffer in the park to help add diversity and habitat to the parks natural wetland.This activity is free and open to all. Parents must be present for youth participants. Water Refill station will be available. Dress for a messy good time!

For more information contact Heather Holley at or 919-918-7426.

March 23rd 9:00-11:00am Anderson Park

Carrboro Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Resources Youth Fish Clinic

Parent(s) and children will learn the basics about fishing including different equipment, techniques, sites, and regulations.  You may even meet a fishing buddy or two!   Supplies furnished.  Bring a pole if you have one. Parent(s) and youth must both be present to participate. FEE and REGISTRATION REQUIRED! For more information:  Youth Fishing Clinic.

March 23rd  Noon-3:00pm Wilson Park/Addams Tract

Creek Exploring

More Information to Come!

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