Traffic Calming

The Town of Carrboro's Residential Traffic Management Plan provides a process for identifying and addressing existing problems related to speeding, excessive volumes, and safety on town-maintained residential streets. Residents can access the information and the resources they need to submit a traffic calming request to the Town.

Traffic Calming Resources:

For more information contact:

Zachary Hallock, Transportation Planner

Christina Moon, Planning Administrator
(919) 918-7325

  1. Tallyho Trail 
  2. Blueridge Road 
  3. Cobblestone Drive
March 2017
Town staff will bring traffic calming recommendations for Tallyho Trail to the Transportation Advisory Board on March 16, 2017 and to the Board of Aldermen on March 21, 2017. Both meetings are at Carrboro Town Hall and begin at 7:30pm and are open to the public. 

Map of traffic calming recommendations for Tallyho Trail

Old news...
Town staff is in the process of creating a plan for Stage 2 (physical) traffic calming measures on Tallyho Trail, from Huntsman Court to Reynard Road. The neighborhood meeting was held on Thursday, October 13th and sixteen residents provided valuable input on problem areas and preferred solutions. This webpage is for residents of Fox Meadows to provide feedback to the Town to help create a traffic calming plan that works to slow traffic and is satisfactory for the people who walk, bike, and drive on Tallyho Trail. 

Please review the slideshow from the neighborhood meeting that has information on five traffic calming mechanisms that may be options on Tallyho Trail, using the first link below. After looking at the options, please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire and let Town staff know your thoughts on traffic issues in your neighborhood. This information is important in the creation of a functional traffic calming plan for Tallyho Trail.