Public Works offers waste collection to businesses for a fee.  Businesses are billed quarterly based on 13 weeks of service. 

Quarterly Cost

Dumpster Size1 Collection/ Week2 Collections/ Week3 Collections/ Week4 Collections/ Week5 Collections/ WeekCost/ Extra Pick Up*
2 Cubic Yards$186.16$372.32$558.48$744.64$930.80$14.37
4 Cubic Yards$224.64$449.28$673.92$898.56$1,123.20$17.28
6  Cubic Yards$262.47$524.94$787.41$1,049.88$1,312.35$20.19
8 Cubic Yards$299.26$598.52$897.78$1,197.04$1,496.30$23.02

*The fees listed in the "extra pick up" column are for each time the extra pick up occurs. 


Reduce Your Waste

Orange County Solid Waste Management offers the following waste reduction programs for businesses:

For more information call Orange County Solid Waste Administration Office at 919-968-2885.