Animal Services & Information


The Town of Carrboro has a contract with Orange County Animal Services to respond to complaints concerning animal bites, public nuisances, neglect, cruelty, stray, lost, and injured animals. Animals picked up by Animal Services are transported to the Orange County Animal Shelter. Orange County Animal Services are dispatched during normal business hours by Orange County Communications 911 call center. As Animal Services typically operate during normal business hours, after hours calls and calls on weekends may have a longer response time.

For certain animal calls, such as animals locked in a hot vehicle or an aggressive animal running at large, officers of the Carrboro Police Department are dispatched along with Orange County Animal Services.


Orange County Animal Services: 919-942-7387

Chapel Hill Animal Control: 919-942-7387

Orange County Health Department: 919-245-2400 

Emergencies: 911 
*Call for bites, rabies exposures, and injured animals*


If you feel you did not receive timely, professional service from Orange County Animal Services, you may fill out a complaint form HERE. An officer from the Carrboro Police Department will follow up with you as soon as is practicable.


Our dog park is part of Hank Anderson Park located at 308 NC 54, just west of Old Fayetteville Rd. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the dog park rules and etiquette prior to visiting:

Dog Park Rules (PDF)

Dog Park Etiquette (PDF)


Orange County's Animal Services Department schedules low-cost rabies clinics annually. Orange County residents are urged to remain vigilant. Pet owners must be sure that our dogs, cats, and ferrets are currently vaccinated against rabies and also that they immediately receive a booster shot if there is any possible exposure to rabies or a rabies vector.

Low Cost Rabies Vaccination Schedule

For DECEASED Wildlife in or beside a roadway,

the Department of Transportation should be notified to safely remove them.

Dead Animal Pick Up for Carrboro: 919-918-7425

For animals that are on private property or more than 50 feet from a road, citizens should either bury them or call the Department of Transportation to inquire about other possible disposal options.

Orange County Animal Services does not provide this service.

Please visit their website here for a comprehensive list of helpful links.


Orange County Animal Services - 919-942-7387 advises that in the event of a wildlife emergency involving humans, please call 911!

"Most animals can bite or claw and may harbor illnesses which can be transmitted to people, including rabies. We recommend contacting a wildlife resource regarding your concern with any wild animals."

To report an incident involving rabies, click here.

When dealing with wildlife note the following:

Feeding wildlife (of any species) can be particularly dangerous for all involved.


If you see a coyote engaged in threatening or dangerous activity, report these to 911.

Habituated coyotes - ones that have lost their natural wariness of people and fail to flee when near people - should be reported to Orange County Animal Services 919-942-7387.

Additional information and resources on coyotes can be found here.

All incidents involving coyotes should be reported using Orange County Animal Services' online coyote incident reporting form

Injured & Orphaned wildlife:

"Many orphaned animals are purposely left by their mothers for many hours of the day. If you have found what appears to be an abandoned or needy animal, check with one of the area wildlife rehabilitation services BEFORE touching or removing the animal."

General information on nuisance wildlife is available from The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. For damage control, you may contact one of their licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agents. Or you can visit their animal listings to find information related to a specific type of nuisance animal.

Creative Learning About Wildlife Species (CLAWS) offers educational and rehabilitation information to residents of Orange County and beyond.