Act as Agent

What is an Agent?

An agent is someone who is in charge of either a residential or non-residential property.
For example: The owner of a restaurant is an agent.
For example: A property manager of an apartment complex is an agent.

What is Act as Agent?

Act as Agent allows officers to act as an agent in ordering any and all individuals fitting generally into the three categories listed below to leave and not return to the principal's residential premises.

1. Persons not living on the property (ex: persons who are neither tenants nor members of a tenant's household identified on a valid leas contract) or persons appearing to have no legitimate reason for being on the property, such as those for whom no resident accepts responsibility or acknowledges sponsorship as a guest; or

2. Person with a documented history of violence, drug related activity and/or criminal activity generally; or

3. Persons committing a criminal act and/or participating in disruptive behavior, including but not limited to, being intoxicated and disruptive, having a weapon, possessing illegal drugs, fighting, loitering and making excessive and unnecessary noise.

When will an officer Act as an Agent?

An officer will act as an agent to a residential or non-residential property when someone in control of the property is not on scene to make decisions regarding individuals on their property. This usually occurs when a business is closed for the day, or staff members of a residential property are not on scene. 

What happens when an officer Acts as an Agent?

When an officer determines that an individual meets on of the three criteria listed above, the officers will trespass that individual from the property and escort them off of the property. Once the individual has been trespassed, if they return to the property at any time, they can either be cited or arrested for second degree trespassing per NC GS 14-159.13.

How do I get Act as Agent?

If you want to get an Authorization for Act as Agent on your property, you can come to the police department at 100 N Greensboro St. Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm to fill out the form. This form can only be filled out in person. 

Is Act as Agent permanent?

The authorization for Act as Agent is valid from the date specified in the form and shall remain in effect until it is expressly and affirmatively terminated. The validity of the authorization is not affected by the resignation, termination, or departure of any particular principal's signatory. The authorization may be terminated at any time upon ten days written notice to the Carrboro Chief of Police.