Flooding and Floodplain Management

A floodplain is the land next to creeks, streams or rivers that is naturally susceptible to inundation. Carrboro has been involved in floodplain management since 1976, when the Town joined the National Flood Insurance Program.

Historically, residents along Toms Creek have been the most impacted by flooding; Town staff has helped several property owners in this area apply for federal flood mitigation grants. The Town has also held public meetings, completed neighborhood walkabouts, and most recently, contracted with the Center for Neighborhood Technology to complete a study, with the Toms Creek watershed as a focus area, to guide a future residential floodplain assistance program. The final report is available on the Stormwater Division website, under the Tom's Creek tab[1].

Since its inception in 2017, Carrboro’s Stormwater Program has supported our community’s resilience to the increasing frequency and intensity of storms. The Stormwater Utility is making progress, despite constraints related to private property rights, legal and jurisdictional issues, and limited capital reserves and capacity at this early stage of the Program.