Since the 1970s, the Town has committed to improving its walkability, bikeability, sidewalks, bike facilities, and greenways. 

Vision Statement and Strategies of Carrboro Connects: 

All people in Carrboro, of all races and backgrounds, will have safe and equitable access to recreational and cultural opportunities, including a connected network of parks, green space, and trails. 

Continue to create safe streets and trail networks for pedestrians, bike riders, and transit riders (Transportation & Mobility, Chapter 5, Strategy 2.2).

Encourage and support the development of greenways and trails for public use, creating a complete network of connected greenways connecting parks, open spaces and conservation areas for biking, walking, and wildlife corridors (Recreation, Parks &Culture, Chapter 8, Strategy 2.5).

For the latest information on the Town’s greenway projects follow the link below:

Bolin Creek Greenway

Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Master Plan (complete plan adopted December 2009)  

Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Master Plan by sections: 

Morgan Creek Greenway

Morgan Creek Greenway Conceptual Plan

Greenways Commission

More information about Carrboro greenways is available on the Greenways Commission page.