Community Risk Reduction

Our department's core mission includes protecting the lives, property, and the community from the destructive effects of all hazards. One pillar of this mission is Community Risk Reduction. Our department is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of the community with regards to fire and life safety. To help us with this mission the department utilizes the Community Risk Reduction model outlined below.

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We aim to educate the community so that everyone is aware of fire and life safety risks, as well as what can be done to to limit the risks. This includes public education events in schools and for civic organizations, health fairs, and participating in community-wide events. 


We work with the community to promote the utilization of fire safety technologies in the community. This includes assisting with fire sprinkler system installation in conjunction with Carrboro's affordable housing plan, implementation of a StoveTop FireStop program in multi-family dwellings, installation of smoke alarms, and multiple other programs designed to protect the community through the use of engineering and technology.


Code enforcement is not designed to be punitive in nature. Code enforcement allows code enforcement officials to identify potential hazards before an emergency with the aim to reduce the likelihood of an emergency occurring in the first place. Enforcement also allows our code enforcement officials to educate the community about why certain conditions or equipment may be hazardous. Enforcement of fire and life safety codes help keep all of us safe. 

Economic Incentives

We work with the community to make choices that help to keep our community safe. This includes extensive work in education about fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems. Early fire suppression efforts through fire sprinklers, and early notification of a fire through fire alarm systems are two of the most effective methods for reducing risk, in both commercial and residential occupancies.

Emergency Response

Community Risk Reduction includes working alongside the suppression division to ensure firefighters have the equipment, knowledge, and training needed to maintain operational readiness. This includes education on current building practices, pre-incident planning, and our community risk assessment program.

In addition to being one of our nation's Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin was also a founding member of the Union Fire Department in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is famously quoted as saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In Carrboro our "ounce of prevention" is the multi-faceted Community Risk Reduction model outlined above. 

If you have questions or comments about Community Risk Reduction please reach out to the department at (919) 918-7347 or via email at