Eliazar Posada

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Phone: 919-438-5609

Email: eposada@carrboronc.gov

Term Elected / Appointed: June 2022 

Term Expires:
December 2027


I am proud to be an openly gay millennial Latino, son of working class migrant farmworkers, and I have dedicated my professional, and a great deal of my persona life, to fighting for my communities. This desire was born out of my upbringing.  My mother taught my brother and me that as Latinx, immigrant and poor folks, nothing was going to be handed to us. Life is not going to be fair and that at the end the day family and community come first. We fight for those folks.


Carrboro is a town that strives to make space for everyone. I have experienced first-hand the unconditional love and support of neighbors, turned friends, that this wonderful woven into our town's identity.


Eliazar Posada became the first openly LGBTQ Latino elected in North Carolina after winning a special election on May 17, 2022. Born in Florida and raised in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, he has worked and lived in Carrboro since 2016.  He serves as the Organizing Director of Equality NC, the oldest statewide organization in the country dedicated to securing rights and protections for the LGBTQ Community. He is also the Founder of Posada Strategy Consulting, a consulting firm that works with nonprofit and grassroots organizations to build capacity, develop programs, and create strategies around fundraising, community outreach, and advocacy.

Eliazar began his work with El Centro Hispano as a Community Specialist and grew to be Acting President and CEO, where he led the programs and advocacy efforts that impact the low income, LGBTQ and undocumented communities.  He currently sits on the Board of Directors of several local nonprofits including The Chamber of Commerce for a Greater Chapel Hill and Carrboro,  PORCH - Chapel Hill/Carrboro and Enlace Latino NC.  Eliazar has received numerous awards for his service to the community including The 2021 Frida Kahlo Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2021 Latino Diamante Latino Advocate Award. A graduate of Campbell University with a degree in Political Science and Government with Pre-Law Concentration, Eliazar is proud to continue to serve our community.