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Volunteer Form - Carrboro Music Festival

  1. Preffered Duties
    Below are the various duties available for the volunteer. Please indicate along side each task if you have an interest in being assigned to work this duty. We ask that you indicate a willingness to do at least two of the tasks ("yes").

    If you are willing to do whatever is needed- indicate "yes" along the last option "any where needed" option.

    Every effort is made to allow volunteers to choose where they want to volunteer, but please be flexible. Please try to have an open mind and understand that for all of our planning, things happen unexpectedly. We trust that most of you are willing to help where you are needed.
  2. Mobile Information
  3. Venue/Stage Attendant
  4. T Shirt Sales / Information Table
  5. Parking Attendant
  6. Recycling/Waste Management
  7. Anywhere Needed
  8. Do you have a red Carrboro volunteer t-shirt?*
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