Public Works Stream Restoration Project

Project Description: This project involved two phases of repairing/restoring a badly eroding stream channel in an extremely high risk situation adjacent to Public Works.  The first phase was preliminary engineering; the second was construction/restoration.

Project Background: There are two unnamed intermittent streams that flow from the south side of downtown along South Greensboro Street and Old Pittsboro Road, join just above the 54 Bypass, and then flow under the bypass and along the Public Works property line before joining Morgan Creek. The stream channel became very incised adjacent to Public Works over many years, with an extremely actively eroding bank. During Hurricane Florence, a large section of the streambank immediately adjacent to the fuel tanks (as well as outbuildings) collapsed, escalating and accelerating the importance of addressing the bank erosion. This project has been an identified need since 2015.

Status: Complete. Jennings Environmental provided engineering services (2019-20).   North State Environmental provided construction support in 2020. The Town received financial support through FEMA Public Assistance funding.

Additional Information:

Stream bank erosion