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Recreation, Parks and Cultural Resources Department

  1. Application for Appointment to the Carrboro Poets Council

    This application is for individuals interested in applying to serve on the volunteer Carrboro Poets Council that supports poetry within... More…

  2. Evaluation Form - Adult Athletic League
  3. Evaluation Form - Summer Camp Programs
  4. Evaluation Form - Youth Athletic Instructional Programs and Clinics
  5. Town of Carrboro Community Event Pre-Application

    This form is for organizations who wish to notify the Town of their intent to host an event.

  6. Volunteer Application Form

    Application to Volunteer with the Recreation & Parks Department.

  1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park - What Are You Doing For Others?

    In the spirit on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, please share what you are doing to help others.

  2. Evaluation Form - Community and Special Events
  3. Evaluation Form - Youth and Adult Classes and Workshops
  4. Evaluation Form - Youth Athletic League
  5. Town of Carrboro Requested Town-Sponsored Event Interest Form

    Those that have a desire to request support from the Town of Carrboro with their ideas can submit a Requested Town-Sponsored Event... More…